Turn your slack trolls
into beacons of kindness

AI-powered Slack App that helps employees be nice, so everyone can get more done and be happy

Get actionable sentiment analysis

Posipanda observes your corporate Slack conversations and rates each person along two axes: from toxicity to kindness, and from passiveness to responsiveness.

Receive alerts on bad behavior

Receive instant notifications with helpful recommendations when noteworthy behavioral patterns are detected, empowering you to take prompt action.

Help your team cultivate kindness with personalized suggestions

Posipanda provides weekly summaries for each employee with helpful tips for further improvement.

Safe and Secured

Protect employee privacy while addressing behavioral patterns with our commitment to anonymity.

Still have concerns about security?

Posipanda speaks your language!

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Get your AI assistant for productive Slack conversations

By helping employees be kind to each other, we aim to create a happier, more productive workspace for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Posipanda?

Posipanda is an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance communication in corporate Slack channels. It analyzes conversations, provides feedback on communication style, and helps promote a more positive and productive workplace environment.

How does Posipanda work?

Posipanda operates by monitoring your Slack conversations and assessing them along two dimensions: from toxicity to kindness and from passiveness to responsiveness. It then offers recommendations for improvement.

Can Posipanda read private chats?

No, Posipanda does not have access to or read private, one-on-one chats in Slack. It focuses on communication within channels that are accessible to multiple team members. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your private chats are fully respected and maintained.

Is my Slack data secure with Posipanda?

Yes, your Slack data is handled with the utmost security and privacy. Posipanda does not store personal or sensitive information, and all data is treated in accordance with data protection regulations.

What kind of recommendations does Posipanda provide?

Posipanda offers recommendations to improve communication style, encouraging kindness and responsiveness. These recommendations help individuals and teams foster a more positive workplace environment.

Is Posipanda a real panda?

No, Posipanda is not a real panda. It’s a virtual assistant powered by AI technology, designed to assist teams in improving their communication and fostering a more positive atmosphere at work.

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