Case study:

Identifying Toxic Behavior in Slack

Posipanda aims to foster a positive work culture by identifying and addressing communication challenges. In this scenario, we will demonstrate how Posipanda alerts bad behavioral patterns.

Alerting Process


John acts bad in a Slack channel

Let’s say a team member, John, has been systematically displaying negative behavior in a Slack channel dedicated to project discussions.

Example of John’s Behavior:

"Why can’t you understand such a simple thing? I don’t have time to fix everyone’s mistakes. It’s not rocket science. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this."
Not-so-nice person


Posipanda’s Analyses John’s Behavior

Using advanced AI sentiment analysis, Posipanda evaluates John’s messages on two axes:

  • Toxicity to Kindness
  • Passiveness to Responsiveness

John’s recent messages rate as:

  • Toxicity to Kindness: -6
  • Passiveness to Responsiveness: -3

Posipanda will also send a notification if any of these additional triggers are spotted in the conversation:

  • Use of derogatory language
  • Personal attacks or insults
  • Consistent negative or dismissive remarks
  • Expressions of anger or frustration directed at team members


Posipanda Alerts

Posipanda sends an immediate notification to a specific closed channel where one authorized management team can see it:

"I have detected consistent negative behavior from @John in the #slack-channel. His recent interactions rate high on toxicity and low on responsiveness. Immediate intervention is recommended."
Slack App

While Posipanda recommends extending support and assistance to John as an initial step towards rectifying the situation, the definitive course of action remains at the discretion of the management. 


Posipanda sends a message to John

In addition to a notification to the management team, Posipanda sends a personal message to John with a friendly reminder.

"Hey John! We’ve noticed some of your recent interactions on Slack might not align with our team’s communication values. It’s essential to maintain a positive and collaborative environment. If you’re facing any challenges, please reach out. We’re here to help and support. Let’s keep our discussions constructive and respectful."
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Promptly identifying and addressing bad behavioral patterns

Posipanda aims to cultivate a more positive and harmonious work environment. The tool serves as a guide, but human judgment and intervention are paramount in ensuring a cohesive team dynamic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Posipanda?

Posipanda is an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance communication in corporate Slack channels. It analyzes conversations, provides feedback on communication style, and helps promote a more positive and productive workplace environment.

How does Posipanda work?

Posipanda operates by monitoring your Slack conversations and assessing them along two dimensions: from toxicity to kindness and from passiveness to responsiveness. It then offers recommendations for improvement.

Can Posipanda read private chats?

No, Posipanda does not have access to or read private, one-on-one chats in Slack. It focuses on communication within channels that are accessible to multiple team members. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your private chats are fully respected and maintained.

Is my Slack data secure with Posipanda?

Yes, your Slack data is handled with the utmost security and privacy. Posipanda does not store personal or sensitive information, and all data is treated in accordance with data protection regulations.

What kind of recommendations does Posipanda provide?

Posipanda offers recommendations to improve communication style, encouraging kindness and responsiveness. These recommendations help individuals and teams foster a more positive workplace environment.

Is Posipanda a real panda?

No, Posipanda is not a real panda. It’s a virtual assistant powered by AI technology, designed to assist teams in improving their communication and fostering a more positive atmosphere at work.

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